Source: Investment Yunfu Published: 09/23/2015 14:06 PM Views: 3934

Yunfu is conveniently accessible with anextensive network of freeways.

including 7 freeways planned within itsterritory (where in the Guangzhou-Wuzhou and Yunfu-Cenxi freeways are already opento traffic, the Jiangmen-Luoding, Yunfu-Yangjiang, Shantou-Zhanjiang freewaysare under construction, and preliminary work has been carried out for the Yunfu-Maomingfreeway).

4 railways (the Nanning-Guangzhou HSR and the Sanshui-Maoming railwayare already open to traffic, the Luoding-Cenxi railway and Zhaoqing-Yunfu lightrail have been included in the plan).

three ports (Ducheng, Nanjiangkou andLiudu), and one waterway (Yunfu section of the Xijiang River golden waterway).

Yunfu New Port isa Class II port by national standard, and the largest inland port within Guangdong province, withseven 2000-ton berths and a handling capacity of up to 10 million metric tons.Now at Yunfu NewPort, regular lines are open to andfro Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Nansha in Guangzhou,and ocean shipping lines including Maersk, COSCO, and CSCL are also carryingout operations here.

Yunfu has also  two land transportation ports, namely Yaoguand Luoding vehicle inspection yards.

Yunfu boasts of well-equipped customs andinspection and quarantine agencies,  enabling direct declaration and clearance ofimported and exported goods within the territory of Yunfu.