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Yunfu and its celebrities made each other, andit is the hometown of Huineng the Sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism - one of thetop 10 thinkers in the world and one of the top three great sages in the East,therefore it is rich with deep-rooted Zen heritage. In addition, Yunfu was oneof the most developed places in the ancient Lingnan area in terms of economyand culture, with longstanding, ancient Baiyue civilization. The profound historicand cultural heritage has been nurturing the unsophisticated and benign peopleof Yunfu.

National Intangible Cultural Heritage the Helou Dance

Acient Architectural Complex in Yu'nan Dawan Town

In June,2014,The Archaeological of Guangdong Procince discovered an early paleolithic site in Hekou Town of Yu'nan County,which is regarded as the earliest one in Guangdong at the present. Now more than sixty sites are found and three hundred plus stone specimens are unearthed.This is the first time to discover such an paleolithic site in Guangdong area. 

As identified by archaeological experts, judgingfrom the characteristics of unearthed stoneware and the burial environment, anewly discovered Paleolithic site dates back hundreds of thousands years to theearly Paleolithic era , which is significantly earlier than that of thepreviously discovered site of Maba men dating back to the middle Paleolithicera.

Yu'nan Modaoshan Hil Paleolithic Sites

2014 Top 10 National Archaeological Findings

Yu’nan Modaoshan Hill Site in Guangdongand Nanjing River Paleolithic Sites.

Dongzhao Ruinsin  Zhengzhou, Henan

Guojiamiao Cemetery of  ZengKingdom in Zaoyang, Hubei

Dabona Cemetery in Xiangyun, Yunnan 

Ancient Yue-kiln Ruins of Jinshan Mountain in Shangyu, Zhejiang

Gurujiamu Cemetery and QutaCemetery in Ali,Tibet

Yihezuo’er Graves in Zhengxiang Banner, Inner Mongolia

Ruins of Sui Dynasty Huiluocang Granary andLiyangcang Granary in Henan

Ruins of Liao Dynasty Iron Mine and Smeltery at Dazhuangke Village in Yanqing, Beijing

Bozhou Chieftain Yang’s Cemetery in Xinpu, Zunyi, Guizhou