Industrial Orientation

Source: Investment Yunfu Published: 09/23/2015 14:12 PM Views: 4075

Yunfu features a distinctive industry mix, with established industry clusters such as stone materials, stainless steel ware, power generation, textiles, sulfur chemicals, electronics, cement, Zen culture-inspired creative industry and modern agriculture, and is well-known as the “Center of Stone Processing in China”, “Land of Stainless Steel Kitchenware in China”, “the Oriental Center of Sulfur Chemicals” and “Land of Zen Buddhism in China”. It is leading the way in agricultural  industrialization in Guangdong, with Wen’s Group being among the largest leading agricultural enterprises in China.

Yunfu is currently incubating and developing industries of cloud computing and information service, advanced manufacturing, biotech and pharmaceuticals, health building tourism, and special agriculture, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditionally predominant industries such as stone processing, stone machinery , stainless steel ware, electronics, electricity generation, and construction materials, and receiving high-quality industries transferred  from the PRD region.

Xinxing's stainless steel kitchen utensils

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Project Signing Ceremony between Yunfu Municipality and Huawei Technologies

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