Investment Process

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Foreign Investment Guidance Catalogue Check

This will allow you to determine under which category the projected business activity falls.


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Doubts about this? Let us know and we will provide guidelines on how to determine which is the right category for your business.


Company Type Selection

You can choose one of the investment vehicles mentioned in our Investment Guide (WFOE, EJV, CJV, etc.).

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Site Selection / Lease

You will need to have a valid lease agreement before you start the application. The lease shall be signed by the landlord and the WFOE share holders. Once the WFOE is finally formed, the contract needs to be transferred to it.


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Application Materials Preparation

The materials that will be needed throughout the process include the following:

  1、Application From for setting up foreign-funded

        Master copy + 2 copies

        Signed by investors.

  2、Project feasibility report

         Master copy + 1 copy

  3、 Notice of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce

          The notice of the pre-approved enterprise’s appellation provided by the municipal administration for Industry and Commerce


          Registration certificate of all the investors

          Certificate of credit status of the foreign investor

          ID card photocopy of foreign investor’s legal representative (if the foreign investor is a natural person, he/she should offer legal certificate of identity)

          (*) The certificate of subject qualification or certificate of identity of the foreign investor should be certified by a public notary, and authenticated by the Chinese embassy or consulate stationed in the investor’s country.

          (**) The certificate of subject qualification or the certificate of identity of an investor from Hong Kong,Macau or Taiwan should be accompanied by a notarial document from a local notarial agency. If the investor is a natural person, he/she should only give his/her passport or Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents which shows that he/she has finished visa and entry procedures instead of offering notarial document (photocopy, and submit master copy for the approversto verify ).

  5、Contracts and Articles of Incorporation

         Contracts and articles of incorporation signed by the legal representatives or authorized representatives (letter of authorization should be submitted) of the investors (foreign-funded company only submit its article of incorporation and its application form for settingup foreign-funded company) (master copy, 1 copy).

  6、List of directors

          Name list of members of board of directors and appointment letters for the directors from all parties signed by the investment parties.

          Master copy + 1 copy

   7、Property Information (In China or Abroad)

          Contract of tenancy of factory or business place, and certificate of property rights for the company’s own property.

          Photocopy, 1 copy

   8、Special Requirements

           Other documents required by the approving authority (companies operating in fields under special regulations need to be approved by related authorities).

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Application for Pre-Approval of the Corporation Name

Foreign investors shall pick a name for the Chinese company and obtain approval from the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce.


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How can we help? Need advise? Yunfu has many professional services firms that can provide detailed answers to your questions. Let us know and we will refer you to them.

Environmental Impact Assessment

If your project involves a high degree of interaction with the environment, it will be necessary to conduct an environmental impact assessment. This will help both your company an the city to maximize the benefits of your investment experience.

Application to Bureau of Commerce

Yunfu BOFCOM approves the company’s establishment.

Business License Obtainment

The business licensed is issued by the Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce.


Seal Engraving

Official company stamps are issued by the Public Security Bureau. The stamp is a very important element in business transactions in China, to the point that contracts are not valid if the stampis not there.


Registration with the State Tax Administration

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Please contact us and we can put you intouch with the relevant government departments.


Registration with the Foreign Exchange Bureau

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Please contact us and we can put you intouch with the relevant government departments.

Bank Account Opening

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Need to connect with the Foshan branch of your China bank? We can help you do that as well as introduce you to local financial institutions.


Registration with the Statistics Bureau

Depending on the nature of the company’s activity, other registrations might be required (e.g.: a trading company will have to register with Customs Administration)

Note: The above process, Bureau of Commerce of Yunfu Municipal can assist.